Ready to Live Below The Line

111kc which is the same as £3.70

111kc equates to £3.70. As I walked around Tesco’s aisles this evening, calculator in my hand, making choices between one nice red pepper, or two bitter tasting green peppers, and looking longingly at the coffee aisle and the beautifully ripe avocados, I was already beginning to get a feeling of what it must be like to try and do your weekly shopping in this manner all the time.

I’m so lucky to have never had to deal with this kind of poverty and this kind of extreme budgeting. I’ve bought my 5 days of shopping – opting for healthy, hearty and sustaining foods, but also opting for the cheaper options in all cases – cheap, loose tomatoes rather than the lovely ripe from the vine tomatoes, Tesco Value long grain rice rather than the lovelier Tesco finest Jasmine rice. These simple choices seemed almost ridiculous in some ways. Why couldn’t I have the nicer version of the same food? Because it is twice, if not three times as expensive. An option that is simply not there for many people.

So, with one last longing look down the meat, cheese and coffee aisles, and a sad wave goodbye to the lovely avocados, I totalled up my purchases at the check-out and to my delight discovered I’d been so careful that I have saved £1 for later in the week.

My Live Below The Line Purchases

I carried home my shopping tonight with a sense of urgency and precious-ness….wanting to get everything into the fridge in case it starts to go bad….carrying the eggs carefully because there are only 6 and you don’t want to carelessly lose any of them! 6 eggs are so precious when you can’t afford to buy any more.

I’ll be keeping an updated blog of my experience in Live Below The Line. Already it has opened my eyes wide to the daily struggles. The fact that I am doing this only for food and drink, when the reality is that £1 a day has to cover so much more…….

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