Thankful Heart and a Rumbly Tummy

I’m at the halfway point of Live Below The Line and the title of this post says it all really……I have a very thankful heart and a bit of a rumbly tummy. I thought it would be good at this point to write and reflect on the experience so far.

My gut reaction would be to say that it’s not been too hard to do, all things considered. I’ll be bored with rice and vegetables by the end of this week, and I have been craving something sweet for the past day or so. Not to mention really missing meat in my diet. But then the realisation sets in that there is a very real end point this (in two days time) for me…….for the people I am doing this for, it’s not ever just for 5 days. It’s for weeks, months, years – sometimes it’s all they’ve ever known.

My own awareness of the way I live has changed, how I can tend to live to excess at times, and that I am capable of living to a tight budget. It’s increased my creativity at mealtimes and my ability to decrease the amount of wasted food each week.

But most importantly, it’s made me even more passionate about the injustice of the poverty that 1.4 billion people live in every day. My awareness has been increased, and I hope I have increased the awareness of the people around me. In doing this, I am showing them that I will not stand idly by while people live with this injustice. We have seen over the past few years just how much power the voice of passionate people has become. We can still change this.

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