A Dozen Days Below The Line: Day 1

Day 1 below the line has gone well so far, in spite of a rough start!

I woke at silly o’clock after having a nightmare and took an age to get back to sleep……which of course meant I slept through my alarm. In my rush, I only had time to grab a slice of toast (2p) and a smudge of butter (1p) as I dashed out the door!

Thankfully, I remembered my egg sandwich for my lunch (19p). At work I was questioned by quizzical colleagues, surprised by how little my sandwich cost, and the fact I had shopped for the next 6 days with only £6.

I resisted the snack box and the free coffee – a definite challenge midway through a day surrounded by pre-schoolers – but by mid-afternoon I could feel the beginnings of a rumbly tummy. I made a mental note to pop an extra slice or two of bread in my bag tomorrow!

Finally, 6pm came and it was time for home and dinner. I find myself resorting to measuring techniques where I normally would have used guess work!

Measuring out rice when I would normally have just guessed and made way too much!
Pleasantly surprised by just how much mixed frozen veg a mug will hold!

Dinner was fried rice with mixed veg, mushroom and onion 🙂 I even managed to make enough for tomorrow’s lunch meaning tonight’s dinner came to 45p.

Day 1 dinner sizzling away!
Dinner for me (45p) and a portion (22p) saved for tomorrow's lunch!

My grand total for today comes to 67p meaning I even have space left for a couple of slices of toast!

Remember you can donate at: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/elleenelle

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