Live Below The Line: Plan, plan, plan!

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.
— Ed Asner

Day two of my dozen below the line has gone well – although I am becoming distinctly aware of a faint ‘not-quite-full’ feeling. Resisting the urge to sneakily snack, especially in the midst of an 11 hour working day with four year olds, is definitely my challenge this year. However, I’m learning my lessons about taking a slice of bread or two with me to work in order to curb those snack urges.

Below The Line Week 1: Snack of Choice!
Making extra at dinner the previous night was also a mini stroke of genius as my ‘leftovers-lunch’ was delicious! Needless to say, I have planned the same for tomorrow.

Day 2 Dinner: Pasta with Bolognese sauce, mixed veg and mushrooms (55p dinner portion, 28p portion for tomorrow lunchtime)
The need to plan seems to be the key to living below the line. Planning a week of meals, cooking and portioning in order to make meals last more than one sitting, and counting every penny is an important part of day to day survival, and is a real lesson in budgeting. The fact that families try to survive in this way is frustrating but I admire the resilience, patience and brilliance of people who do so every day.

One of the reasons I decided to take part in this challenge was to bring about more conversations about poverty, the realities of poverty, and the ways in which charities and agencies are working to turn the tide and ensure no one goes hungry. I am thankful that just the lead up and the first few days of this challenge, I have been able to have so many conversations about it, and friends and work colleagues have been getting behind the challenge and supporting the cause.

You too can get behind the cause by clicking on the donate button here:

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