A Dozen Below The Line: Budget Domestic Goddess!

I am a third of the way through my dozen days below the line and it’s starting to get a little bit tougher.

I’m starting to get lethargic and having trouble concentrating. Due to working with the germ machines that are nursery-aged kids every day, I’ve also developed a bit of a cough and sniffles, which probably isn’t helped by the lower amount of food I’m consuming and not having the option of buying some lovely chicken soup!

Also, I’ll fully admit I’m getting a bit bored of the food. I’ll be going shopping again on Saturday for my next six days of food, and being joined by everyone else taking part in the main Live Below The Line week (7th-11th May), and I’m looking forward to maybe getting something a little different….depending on how cleverly I can shop! It’s definitely another key to getting by with only a pound a day – knowing the deals, the cheapest places to shop, and being clever with how and when you buy things.

Lunch and Dinner on Day 4: Rice, kidney beans, mixed veg and onions. Yum!

 I’ve also cooked properly more in the past week than I have in a month or so. When living below the line, pre-cooked or pre-prepared foods are not an option. In this world of convenience, I know I have become a very lazy cook, and Live Below The Line has reminded me of how fun it is to cook from scratch! It’s brought out the budget-domestic-goddess in me.

In my 12 Days, 12 Reasons post I spoke about my reasons for doing this challenge. One of the reasons was:

I live below the line because we live in a generation that could change everything.”

Deep within this cynical façade there hides an idealist, an optimist and a believer in the good in people. I mentioned Josette Sheeran’s incredible TED talk about ending hunger now and wanted my readers to see if if they haven’t already.

 “Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together.” – Josette Sheeran

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