Halfway through a Dozen Below The Line

Live Below the Line

I’m officially at the halfway point of my dozen days Living Below The Line.

Today I went shopping for ingredients for my second week. Safe in the knowledge that I still had some bits and pieces left over from the first week below the line, I was looking for a bit of variety away from my bread snacks. I also decided to go to a different shop which turned out to be yet another mini stroke of genius as this shop held within it many a discounted delight!

My week two shopping haul of delights 🙂
I switched from bread for snacks to apples, and substituted delicious filling porridge for my breakfast instead of eggs and toast. I also picked up a brilliant multi-pack of root vegetables for 99p, which works out at 6p per item of veg. I’m looking forward to roasting them later in the week to have with some rice. I also, miraculously found space in my shop for something I had been desperately craving last week during the stress-filled times at work.

20p chocolate bar, which works out at 1p per square 🙂
Yes, I have achieved the impossible and have chocolate below the line! Only thanks to Aldi’s discount shelves. I also managed to find bargain teabags that work out at 1p per teabag to help cure my ‘need of a hot drink’ during the week. Doing the challenge for longer than five days allows me a chance to gain a little bit more variety and try out different things. And try to fix the cravings from the first week!

As well as giving you my update, I also wanted to share a bit more about my chosen charity for which I’m living below the line. As most people who read this regularly know, my career path is very much focused on working with children and ensuring children have the best start and best opportunities in life is a cause close to my heart.

The money I raise during this challenge is going to UNICEF. UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary donations and receives no funding from the UN budget for it’s lifesaving work.

UNICEF is for children everywhere and always. They are the world’s leading organisation for children, and they help children survive and thrive from early childhood all the way through to their teenage years. Poverty hits children hardest and creates an environment that is damaging to children’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development. UNICEF respond to global poverty by protecting children’s rights to health and nutrition, education, participation and protection from harm and exploitation. They work in some of the toughest places in the world and they make a huge difference to children’s lives.

Please consider donating – your donation will make a huge difference to children’s lives.


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