The Curse of ‘Below the Line’ Brain!

It’s day 11 of my dozen and I must share some of the more amusing effects of Living Below The Line……a strange phenomenon I have named ‘Below The Line’ Brain!

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Having now gone for 11 days of feeding myself on less than £1 per day, the lack of certain (more expensive) nutritional delights seems to be having an effect on my brain.

My once sharp-mind has slowed down and is demonstrating the same lethargy as my tired and hungry body. Simple sentence construction sometimes seems to be a chore as my poor work colleagues have discovered! I try desperately to explain what I need them to do yet find myself forgetting what I was going to say or unable to think of the word I want to use………I have ended up making up words!!!

Clearly being below the line is affecting my concentration levels as well. Just this afternoon I put the oven on to bake a bread roll, set the timer for 10 mins, then settled back down in the lounge to wait. The timer sounded and I went to get my nicely heated up bread roll for snack…..only to walk into the kitchen and see the unbaked roll sitting on the counter – I hadn’t even put it in the oven!!! Last night I plugged in my computer to charge up but left a cable behind, seemingly on purpose…..

I feel like I should come with hazard warning lights flashing! Beware of Below the Line Brain…….

Time for a cup of 1p tea!

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