1.4 Billion Reasons: The Global Poverty Project

It’s nearly a week since I completed my 12 days Live Below The Line challenge, and I will be posting some reflections tomorrow. However, this evening I wanted to pre-empt that by posting further information regarding the driving force behind the campaign – the Global Poverty Project.

In 2006, anti-poverty campaigners Hugh Evans and Simon Moss saw the film An Inconvenient Truth. Having already been a part of many an anti-poverty campaign, Hugh and Simon were particularly struck by how the film conveyed the importance of action on climate change. They saw the opportunity to use a similar presentation to bring an essential spark to the global movement to end extreme poverty.

Through their differing experiences and expertise, Simon and Hugh together saw the potential for a presentation to engage the general public with the opportunity to end extreme poverty in a generation, and to garner the international support needed to meet poverty reduction goals.

The Global Poverty Project concept was formally launched in New York at the UN High Level Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals in September 2008. Over the following months, a research and production team worked with leading academics,communications experts, and aid and development organisations to develop the world-class multimedia presentation 1.4 Billion Reasons.

On the 4th of July 2009, as the result of the tireless work of a dedicated team, 1.4 Billion Reasons launched to the world from Melbourne, Australia.

Over the following months, a core team of staff, volunteers and interns worked to engage thousands around the world with one simple fact: that we can end extreme poverty within a generation.

1.4 Billion Reasons explains the facts of extreme poverty and provides audiences with the information and tools they need to take effective action against extreme poverty.

The Presentation provides a framework through which the issue of extreme poverty can be considered, and is structured around five key questions:

  • What is extreme poverty?
  • Can we do anything about it?
  • What are the barriers to ending extreme poverty?
  • Why should we care?
  • What can I do?

Throughout the Presentation, the Global Poverty Project emphasises that:

  • Extreme poverty and the issues around it are important, urgent and relate to every person;
  • The global community has the capacity to end extreme poverty within a generation, and every person can play a part in making this happen;
  • Global action is required to overcome the challenges associated with extreme poverty; and
  • Although change will not be quick or easy, every person can play an important role in helping to achieve global poverty reduction goals.

Having seen the presentation for myself, I would highly recommend it. Not only does it engage and inform, it fires up passion and motivation. I sadly missed the application date for becoming a Global Poverty Ambassador this year, but hope to be able to apply next year. The opportunity to take this presentation to different groups of people, and to fire their passion in the same way as my own was fired up, is too important to pass by.

I only hope that there will come a day when the need for such a presentation is no longer, as this generation truly played their part.

To find out more or to book a presentation, go to http://www.globalpovertyproject.com

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