30 Before 30: A Challenge

2013 has dawned on us all too suddenly and I now find myself in the year I turn 30. Having always been up for a challenge, I thought there would be no challenge better than to give myself the ’30 before 30′ challenge.

The thoughts and feelings that come with hitting a certain number of years are often accompanied by the ‘I wish I had….’ feeling. Instead of allowing this year to go by and encountering such feelings in December when I turn 30, I felt that making a list of challenges to achieve by that time would be a good focus for my year.

The list has been chopped and changed a few times, but after much editing, I have a finalised list!

    1. Run a 5k for charity (I do it at the gym, why not get out there and do it for a good cause?)
    2. Run a 10k for charity  (Because once you’ve gone halfway, you should really finish!)
    3. Zorbing (Yes, the big inflatable ball that you sit inside and get launched down a hill….) 
    4. Tattoo (After talking about it for years, I should just do it…….this is the challenge my mum will hate!)
    5. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s (My best friend and I are going to New York this summer – number 5, 6 and 7 are all related.) 
    6. See a show on Broadway 
    7. Have a manhattan in Manhattan
    8. Sing at a piano bar/open mic
    9. Pull a proper pint (this would be even better if it were a pint of Guinness!)
    10. Invent my signature cocktail 
    11.  Reconnect with old friends  (I’m hoping I get the chance to do this over this year –there are many people who I have lost touch with over time and do not want that to continue!)
    12.  Learn a new craft (I started to learn to crochet just at New Year so this one is already in progress…..)
    13. Stay up all night and watch the Oscars/Golden Globes (I’ve never done this but I’ve always wanted to see the whole show, not just the highlights they show on the news the next day!)
    14. Customise my clothes (This is a skill I’d like to perfect – endless possibilities)
    15. Have a Harry Potter Marathon (The Harry Potter books and films have been a part of my life since they first came out in 1997 when I was a teenager. I own all the films and would like to do an epic all day/night movie marathon and watch the whole thing!
    16. Cook an authentic paella (even if it’s just once!)
    17. Eat Oysters (I have previously chickened out on this one – I want a second chance!!)
    18. Bake a cake for an occasion (I can’t bake – this is a feminine skill I appear to completely lack. This wrong must be righted before I turn 30.) 
    19. Make bread from scratch (and make Thomas a sandwich) (It is an endless source of hilarity between my boyfriend and I that I have never made him a sandwich – I will this year and I’ll even make the bread from scratch!)
    20. Write something on my vintage typewriter (I have three stunning vintage items, all of which are in full working order. Number 20, 21 and 22 are all related.)
    21. Sew something on my vintage sewing machine
    22. Learn to use my vintage camera
    23. Buy all ingredients from a farmer’s market for dinner at least once (I like to buy food from the farmers market, but have never bought the FULL ingredients for a meal from there. I think it’d be fun to try.)
    24. Volunteer (This could be for anything – as long as it’s helping someone.)
    25. Refurbish a piece of furniture (Reclaim/Rescue something from a junkyard/shop and give it a makeover)
    26. Invest time in Portia’s Wardrobe and sell homemade items on there too (Portia’s Wardrobe is my etsy store and I want to make a point of investing time in it and additionally selling some homemade items on it too.) 
    27. Go to an auction (This could be antiques, property, anything – I’ve never been to one!)
    28. Host a proper dinner party (I love to play hostess but have rarely had the opportunity to do so in the manner I would like – this changes this year!)
    29. De-clutter and downsize my life (30 years of stuff……it’s time to declutter.)
    30. Embrace turning 30

Bonus Points for: Skydiving, See the Northern Lights, Be part of a flash-mob

Everytime I achieve one of my 30, I’ll take a picture and write about it in here as a record of what I’ve been doing and how I’m getting on with my challenge. I’m known for setting myself ridiculous goals and challenges but I feel this is do-able! Come with me for the ride?

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