30 Before 30: Misadventures in Crochet

For part of the month of January I have been confined to bed-rest after an operation to repair my perforated eardrum. As bored as I have been, I have been able to use the time to achieve one of my 30 before 30., specifically #12 – Learn a new craft.


Just after Christmas I asked my mum if she could teach me how to crochet. My first tentative, and somewhat confused, attempts produced some interesting results, and I am every thankful for my mum’s patience as my fingers and thumbs continuously got mixed up!


I successfully managed to get my fingers, thumbs and crochet hook to work in harmony and managed to produce this interesting example of what I can only describe as a tiny, mouse’s scarf! *check out the ‘oh so proud’ face*


After this, I set my sights on making something a little more useful, but achievable in a short space of time. A headband to keep my ears warm throughout the chilly winter months seemed like something I could do. I affectionately call these ‘forehead cosies’ although I’m not entirely sure what their actual name is……either way, I think they are vaguely useful!


The headband part was fairly straight-forward, and basically consisted of a lot of straight lines. I finished the headband quite quickly and felt extremely accomplished by the time it was done! It even fit properly which was a small miracle considering my general inability to measure anything properly! 

But, being me, I wanted to add some ‘decoration’ which, of course, meant learning a whole bunch of other stitches and tricks. A few weeks of bed-rest, and a whole host of YouTube videos later, I finished it – flower and button included! 


Yes, I agree, it’s not a work of art – but I’m proud of it! Now, what can I make next?!

30 Before 30 Challenge – #12. Learn a new craft. Achieved!

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