Live Below The Line 2013: Prep Day 

My Live Below The Line challenge starts tomorrow and I went for my ‘Below The Line’ shop today. Having weighed up my options I decided to walk the extra distance to the cheapest supermarket I know of – Aldi! During my challenge last year, I shopped in two different stores and managed to make money stretch a lot further in Aldi – prompting it to be my first and only stop today.

I spent £4.76 altogether and feel like I’ve managed to secure a couple of luxuries this year. In previous years I have been unable to afford meat – but I bagged a pack of 12 sausages this year for a bargain 84p. Additionally, I have something sweet – a jar of strawberry jam (29p).

Since taking part last year, I have had a bit of lifestyle change. I exercise regularly and monitor my calorie intake. I’ve lost weight and have become altogether much more healthy and the fittest I have ever been in my life. Some of my concerns regarding taking this challenge this year is how this will affect my energy levels and whether going to the gym will even be an option! While eating cheaply is achievable, eating healthily and cheaply is not always as achievable. I’ve broken down the food I’ve got for the week according to price per serving and will also include the calorie value of each meal as I’m blogging about my experience this year.

Every 15 seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies because of hunger. In 2012, Niger faced yet another food crises. Thanks to help from supporters, UNICEF can proudly say that 85 %of children now admitted with life-threatening malnutrition recover.  UNICEF is the global leader in child nutrition. UNICEF UK’s Live Below The Line project is part of the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign to tackle global hunger.

You can find out more and sponsor me here: 


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