Sore Head, Full Heart (Day 3: Live Below The Line)

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Day 3 of Live Below The Line and I’ve spent 84p on my food today. 

The breakdown goes something like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of toast and jam: 6p
  • Lunch: 15p veggie burgers on 2 pieces of bread 4p plus a smear of tikka sauce for taste.
  • Dinner: Root Veg 20p, 1/3rd can of new potatoes 5p, 1 sausage 7p, tikka sauce 20p portion, rice 7p.


I cooked a bit of extra rice and some extra veg with the sauce to add for my lunch or dinner tomorrow. Plus I was amazed with how far I could stretch a 1/4 jar of tikka sauce simply by adding some water. I find myself taking extra time over my food, making it last that little bit longer, or cutting it into smaller pieces to give myself more time to indulge in it! 

Today, in the midst of my usual working day, I hit a sugar slump. My head was sore and all I could think about was having some kind of snack to lift my sugars a bit. This was not to be and my next meal was to be my dinner. I’m lethargic and feel tired from the sugar slumps that come from the cheap carbs I’m consuming. Additionally, I have been consuming more carbs than I’m used to, which I think my body is reacting to in some ways. My normal diet keeps carbs to a minimum, instead opting for more proteins and fruit and veg. The sudden change to lots of bread and rice has left my body confused! Additionally, I haven’t been back to the gym since Day 1 as I’ve felt too tired – I’ll attempt it tomorrow after work but I’m not holding out much hope for my energy levels!

Live Below The Line gives you a huge amount to think about. It presents challenge to what you see as the norm, and what you accept in your daily living. It opens up opportunities to talk to people about this scandal of hunger that we see in our world. It brings the reality of the daily struggle that face 1.2 billion people on this earth.

My fundraising today went up to £180 raised for the incredible work of UNICEF. This is the third year I have taken on this challenge, and year after year I see my friends and family get behind me, support me and donate to the cause. While my head might be sore, my heart is full because of the generosity of people I love, and knowing that what I am doing may have a little impact in this fight.

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