2014 – a blank slate


2013 has slinked off quietly into the past and we have stepped swiftly into 2014. New year always brings people into a time of reflecting, reminiscing and resolving. We look back at where the past 12 months have taken us; the highs and the lows of 365 days in our lives, the people we have found and the people we have lost, the achievements and the setbacks. We look to the future and resolve to ‘make changes’. Sometimes it’s a simple change, and some people decide it is a time for big changes.

Personally, I waved goodbye to a year that involved some huge changes in my own and in the lives of my loved ones. Some of these changes brought joy and excitement, and some brought sadness. However, every event added to the story of 2013.

In looking forward to 2014 and what it may hold, I am truly grateful for the gift of another year. In many ways, 2014 is a blank slate, a 365 page book of blank pages on which I can write whatever story I want. The above resolutions should stand myself and whoever else wishes to adopt them in good stead for the coming year.


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