Behind the Words of a Child


As the children were coming into class this morning, one of the little girls came dashing up to me, desperate to tell me the latest event in her life. Today’s event was that she had a new Princess dress and she liked to twirl in it. In swift succession, three more children came to tell me their news for that day.
“My grandma is visiting!”
“I had sausages for dinner last night!”
“I got a sticker book!”

These little snippets of news, although seemingly mundane and insignificant, are the first pieces of information these beautiful four-year-olds want to share with me. They have something important that they hold in their heart, and something special to share. It’s so important to them that it comes bubbling out of them all in one go as soon as they walk into class.

And they choose to share it with me.

These precious moments give me so much more than just a snippet of what is going on in their lives. They tell me about what they value, what makes them happy, what gives them joy, and what is a special event in their life.

The little girl who had a new princess dress – I know that she is not the kind of child to get a new dress every week and that this was a special gift for her from her mum. Knowing that family’s circumstances, this was a big deal.

The little boy who’s grandma is visiting – the grandma is visiting from overseas as their family have come to the UK from Eastern Europe to build a better life for themselves. He has not seen his grandma in person for a number of years. This was a precious time for this family.

The little girl who has sausages for dinner last night – I know this family regularly uses food banks. Mum has been unemployed for a while and Dad is not about. Mum is desperately trying to support her family……sausages aren’t always on the menu.

The little girl who got a sticker book – this sticker book was a gift from her father, who she only sees every so often due to ongoing issues with the family. She treasures this book as a reminder of her short times with her father.

While seemingly insignificant pieces of information on the surface, these precious snippets are filled with meaning. How lucky I am to be the one they decide to share it with.

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