The Best Friend Tier 

“Best friend isn’t a person…it’s a tier!” – Mindy Kaling

This is an ode to friendship. Three friends in particular. 

Lovingly dubbed the #WolfPack, I have been truly blessed with a group of gal pals who are completely amazing.  These three girls are my people. From dancing like loons to eighties classics to belting out power ballads at 3am to completely horrifying games of Cards Against Humanity to long weekends in the middle of nowhere, there is no one else I would rather spend time with.

 Kirsty has been my best friend since we were seventeen years old. We met through a mutual best friend and our paths had crossed a few times. We ended up working at the same little restaurant on our student years and bonded over waitressing disasters…Within months our friendship was cemented and we have been best of friends ever since! Kirsty is beautiful, feisty, fiercely loyal, talented, funny, and incredibly smart. She cries at adverts and the endings of pretty much any movie. She melts at the sight of a Golden Retriever. She’ll be first on the dance floor when her favourite nostalgic tune and last in the bar because she’s still deep in conversation and hasn’t noticed the place empty around her. We have travelled and adventured together and she is my favourite person to travel with. We’ve shared sunsets and sunrises. We’ve had near death experiences and moments we will never forget. We’ve cried together and lost hours to laughter. We can meet for lunch and still be having fun two days later! I love her to the moon and back.

 Jill is the doe-eyed beauty with the completely infectious laugh. We originally met when I was in Aberdeen visiting Kirsty. The first night I met her we ended up sharing some deeply personal stories with each other – after only knowing each other for a matter of hours. The bedrock of our friendship came from that night and, a few years later when I moved to Aberdeen, our friendship grew. Jill is beautiful, fun, talented, loyal, and strong. She is an incredible mum to her gorgeous little girl and I marvel at how completely natural she made motherhood look from day one. She has a fantastic sense of humour and is usually the instigator of some of our more ridiculous escapades! She can’t resist a group costume and will ensure they work, no matter how complicated! She will cry with you, laugh with you, or get angry with you – whatever form of empathy you may need is yours! She cares about people deeply and would be the first to stand up for someone she loves. I love her and adore that she is on my side.

 Kayleigh, the Yorkshire belle, completes our pack. We met through Kirst and Jill, but planning a surprise party for a certain member of our group was how we truly bonded. We sat and chatted and planned for hours and found we were entirely on the same wavelength! Somewhere in the midst of our endless laughter I realised I had a friend for life. I truly believe the best friendships are built on a firm foundation of laughter! Kind, loyal, funny, and talented – Kayleigh is a gem. Her smile lights up a room and her dark humour and razor-sharp sarcasm will keep the smiles and laughter going. Kayleigh is one of the most thoughtful and generous people I know. Ever a perfectionist, she loves to give gifts and will put a lot of time and effort into gifts, cards, and surprises. She is so creative and talented and is continuously full of ideas and plans. She is not afraid to take a leap of faith and gives her all to every endeavour! I love her and am always in awe of her.

At this moment in time, our WolfPack are scattered from Scotland to Tanzania – Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Arusha. For some friendship groups, this would be unworkable. Yet, I know our bonds are much stronger than distance. From random daily texts and Skyping across the miles regularly, we know our bond can remain strong – not to mention how awesome those reunions will be!

When there is so much distance between you and your sisterhood, it can be easy to take your friendship for granted – I don’t want to let that happen!

So, this post is entirely dedicated to my WolfPack. I love you all.

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