Why do you keep travelling…?

I’m writing this post from the edge of the River Nile in Uganda looking out on this view: 


When people ask me why I continue to travel, sometimes I simply show them a photo of where I am or where I’ve been and expect that it would be self-explanatory! But often people want more explanation than that.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful but couldn’t you just go there for a holiday..?”

“I get that but why do you feel like you need to live there?” 

I’ve explained this in previous posts  but, just two days ago, I was reminded of another poignant reason. 

5 years ago my big cousin John lost his short but bravely fought battle with a rare form of blood cancer at the horribly young age of 34. John had married only two years previously and got ill a short time after his marriage. He fought the illness valiantly but, due to the sheer rarity of the form of blood cancer he had, medical science could not compete. 

The suddenness of John being taken away from us made me re-evaluate a lot and the phrase ‘Life’s too short’ seemed like too redundant a phrase for how I was feeling….

But, even so, his face comes to mind anytime I feel weighed down by life’s problems or anytime I feel stuck in a rut. If I want to travel and adventure, I should seize every opportunity with both hands. I am lucky enough to have chosen a vocation in life that is easily transferred to other countries and cultures – I can, therefore, afford to both live and work in many different places.

I feel like I have an obligation never to complain about this gift I have been given and to use and love every second of this life I have. 

And, as I raised a glass in his memory on the edge of Lake Victoria, I promise that I fully intend to use and love every second of this beautiful life – both for myself and for John. 

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