Quietening the voices…

Loving yourself, flaws and all, is not easy. It is a choice that you make every single day. 

I have always been naturally a very positive person when it comes to everyone else – but not always with myself. Learning to love yourself, when your self-deprecating nature is saying otherwise, can be a challenge. 

That being said, by learning how to silence that mean little voice inside me, I have managed to accept and love who I have become – flaws and all. 

I have learned to love every inch of my 5’9 lanky awkward self and I’ve learned to stand tall and proud rather than slouch and blend into the background. 

I have learned to love my forever-on-the-edge emotions and allow myself to cry when I feel overwhelmed whether with happiness or sadness, which can sometimes just come from a child giving me a hug to side-splitting laughing until you cry with your friends. 

I have learned to love and embrace my wanderlust and to understand that my constant desire for change and new adventures is an essential part of who I am. 

I’ve learned how to calm my busy mind and not allow the wealth of thoughts and concerns to overwhelm me – and to find peace in the now. 

I have taught myself to quieten that voice in my head that remembers and replays any mean, nasty or hurtful thing that has been aimed at me. I have learned that no good can come from relying on external validation and that it is a waste of my precious time to obsess over hurtful words. 

No part of this has come naturally. We all have those inner demons who seek to destroy our belief in our own worth. 

Loving who you are is a conscious decision you make every day – quietening those little voices that say otherwise. 

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