“But still there is much that is fair…”

Our world is beautiful. Our world is terrifying. For every piece of good news, there is an onslaught of bad news. 

Over the past few weeks it has been heartbreaking to turn on the news. From disasters to attacks to tragedies to terrorism, one could be forgiven for wanting to disappear off to the hills to live as a hermit, cut off from the world with all it’s horror.   

As a natural optimist with buckets full of empathy, it can be easy to feel dragged down by the world. In the midst of all the pain and suffering that exists, it can be so easy to let it overshadow the good. 

And yet, there is good.

There are the people working tirelessly to better their situations. There are communities rallying together to work their way through a crisis together. There are arms open to envelope those who need comfort. There are incredible people who will jump in front of a bullet to save a stranger. 

We so often underestimate the human capacity for love and generosity and compassion. But, when you open your eyes and look past the dark and the terrible, it is always there. Steadfast, strong and lasting. 

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Do not be afraid.” – Frederick Buechner.

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