There is no better mirror than an old friend…

Retrospect is a beautiful thing. It really is. Being reminded of the past can be cathartic, it can bring beautiful memories, and it can remind you of how far you have come. 

Social networking, like Facebook, and apps like TimeHop allow you to look back on this day a year, 5 years, even 9 or 10 years ago. A friend posted this picture of myself and some friends 6 years ago, and it brought back beautiful memories of a lovely season in my life. This was in the middle of my time living and working in Prague, Czech Republic, and surrounded by beautiful, loyal, fantastic friends. 6 years later we are still all in touch but our lives have changed in so many ways and we are all scattered across the world!

This was her post:  

Ah, miss you ladies! Amazing to think how all of our lives have changed beyond recognition in just a few short years! Marriages, many children, new continents, families, jobs and phases of life! So thankful for the years we spent together and the many happy memories made! Xxx

Marriages, children, new careers, new continents…so much has changed and we are all such different people now – yet, when I look at these faces, so many happy memories come to mind and I find myself endlessly thankful for those years in Prague and how these women (and others not pictured) helped shape the woman I would become. 

There is a special bond that is built between people who become friends within the transient world of travel and international schools. While you know that there will come a time when you will both move on, you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the friendships – without fear or concern for the inevitable ‘end’. My friendships with these women were strong, full of trust and shared experiences (both good and bad) and they became my surrogate family. 

I am thankful for networks like Facebook that mean I can continuously keep up to date with the exciting changes in their lives, to be able to congratulate them and follow their journeys in all corners of the world, and to be able to share all my changes with them. 

What a beautiful reminder in the midst of a busy week. 

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