For when writing touches your soul..

There is a famous line in ‘The History Boys’ which says: 

Every so often I come across a writer who touches my soul in that way, that I connect with and feel almost indebted to for understanding my heart and putting my thoughts out there for all to see. 

Years ago Paolo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ did that, then it was Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust’…then I discovered E.E.Cummings and became lost in poetry. I love Angela Gibson’s beautiful performance poetry….and now I have discovered Warsan Shire. 

Warsan Shire is the Somali-British poet whose stunning poem ‘Home’ has been used across the world in raising awareness of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers. 

 Until recently, ‘Home’ was the only work by Shire that I had heard about – but, at dinner last week, one of my friends was talking about her incredible work and, the passion with which she talked about her writing, I had to investigate further.

Warsan Shire’s beautiful poetic voice seems to reach out from the pages of her writing that you read.  Her words have most recently been used in Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ film and, as such, has exposed a whole new legion of fans to her poetry. 


She writes from an unashamedly female and feminist point of view, unapologetic in baring her soul and telling her story and the stories of other women.   

Please read and listen to this beautiful poetry. I am so happy I discovered her! 

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