Important Things I Never Tell Myself (But Should…) 


1. Nothing is worth destroying yourself for. This bathroom floor, your mascara smeared face, tear soaked towels, is not you. Waking up after a night spent on pins and needles, is you. Walking through the door, with such intestinal fortitude, that no one ever knows how perturbed you are, is you.

2. You let people in. Even if it means them leaving in the middle of the night without a note. Even if there is no guarantee of their return. Even if you stand by the window, wishing never to see them again, but still you let them in. Because shutting the doors, building walls, keeping yourself in boundaries won’t keep them out – it’ll fence you in.

3. Pain and heartaches are a part of your soul. They stand right there beside you like a strong, metal pole. They are what makes a person who they are. Without them you wouldn’t know just what you’re worth. So struggle, no matter how hard you have to. Claw your way back to life but do not give in to that pain.

4. You were made to love, you were made to open your heart to people, to new experiences, to life. Then why is it that one bad experience makes you shut your heart in a box and never reopen it? Love is what this world needs and you were placed here to give that love out, so why stop just because people don’t understand the intensity of your love? Stop putting that heart in a cage and let it spread its wings and soar high.

5. If you realize that your life is a disarray, fix it. You have the power and tools to do that. You and no one else. If you think you are a mess, you are the order too.

6. Happiness won’t come to you, you’ll have to make your way towards it. When you find yourself in a never ending chasm, believe that there will be an end to this and there will shine a bright light at the end of it. Follow the light and you’ll get through. The light won’t come to you, you’ll have to go to the light.

7. Watch the sunset as many times as you wish, if that’s what pleases you. But do not associate it with the ending of something radiant and bright but as the beginning of something soulful that only a few people understand. If the dawn gives people hope, the dusk should give people a brand new beginning.

8. And at the end, life is as tough as it gets and well, so are you. When did you stop believing in yourself? Start again. Nothing here will come easy to you, but if you believe in yourself, you’ll be able to conquer anything you lay a finger on.

(With credit to Shravni Mirikar)