Where words fail…

I don’t have the words for what I have seen happening in Aleppo. The scenes being broadcast from within the destroyed city have become imprinted on my mind and my heart is broken. 

The desperation of the people, the complete absence of humanity and mercy – it is almost impossible to make any sense of what is happening and I don’t think it ever will be possible. How did we let it come to this? How did blind eyes get turned for so very long? How did we give headline space to Donald Trump, Brexit, the Kardashians over this complete hell unfolding in what was once a thriving and beautiful Middle Eastern country? 

Every piece of news that emerges from Syria is shattering. Every bomb dropping, every mother killed trying to protect her child, every displaced or orphaned child, every starving and terrified family… It is too much. It is too far. 

What can we do from our little corners of the globe, so far and removed from the carnage? Doing nothing is no longer an option. We must stop brushing under the rugs all things that make us uncomfortable. We must erase the notion that out of sight can mean out of mind. 

We are here, together, and we are wasting our precious time killing one another for our differences rather than loving because of them. 

After Rwanda we said never again. After Srebrenica we said never again. After Darfur. I can only hope that after Aleppo we can truly say no more. For we cannot dare say we didn’t know it was happening. 

Words are hollow if not given shape with action, and so we must act. There are numerous charities that are on the front lines of this tragedy and all of whom need our help so desperately. If you are able to, please put your money where your heart is. Open doors. Watch. Research and learn. 

Stand with Aleppo in love. They have not been forgotten.



{with thanks and credit to Tyler Knott Gregson}