I had a temperature today…

I had a temperature today.

With the flush of my cheeks I felt a wave of panic and nausea.

I wiped the sweat from my upper lip and breathed hard to make sure I didn’t cough. No cough came.

And yet.

I had a temperature today.

As I felt the heat from my body rise in the elevator I pulled my mask tighter across my mouth and nose just in case. Just in case.

Because, God forbid, the stranger who joins me in the elevator has a body that can’t cope with what this could be. God forbid, I be the carrier of the illness that can destroy.

I had a temperature today.

As I walked around the corner to go to the supermarket I stopped and turned back, questioning why I would step into a supermarket with what this could potentially be.

I had a temperature today. And as I sat in my house, with the window wide open, scared and worried about what this could be,

the humidity became more intense and the storm came,

and my temperature dissipated with each lightening strike and rumble of thunder.

To be so in tune with nature that your temperature rises with the pressure before a storm is a gift.

How thankful I am that this was only a storm.

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