On returning to school… (another pandemic post)

We all know that there is nothing more frustrating than decisions about an expert field being made by non-experts. We see it all the time: business managers making decisions about numbers of ICU beds in hospitals; politicians making statements about immunology and disease control; rooms of men making decisions about women's reproductive choices. Now it's … Continue reading On returning to school… (another pandemic post)

What’s The Priority?

There is a substantial amount of credible evidence that investment in early years can have an incredible impact on some of the most challenging problems in our society including poverty, addiction and violence. The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 included legislation that would be of benefit to the youngest, most vulnerable members of … Continue reading What’s The Priority?

David’s Story

We know that in adults, if you go to Polmont Prison and you speak to young offenders there who are violent young men, they don’t know any better; they were brought up in a war zone so they are warriors, that is what they do, that’s how they understand life.  - John Carnochan - I … Continue reading David’s Story