What’s The Priority?

There is a substantial amount of credible evidence that investment in early years can have an incredible impact on some of the most challenging problems in our society including poverty, addiction and violence. The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 included legislation that would be of benefit to the youngest, most vulnerable members of … Continue reading What’s The Priority?

David’s Story

We know that in adults, if you go to Polmont Prison and you speak to young offenders there who are violent young men, they don’t know any better; they were brought up in a war zone so they are warriors, that is what they do, that’s how they understand life.  - John Carnochan - I … Continue reading David’s Story

Education is the key…

Every so often something appears in the news or on tv that truly sends a wave of despair over me. As a natural optimist, and positive thinker, it really does take a lot to wear me down. Even so, this is one of those pieces of news that really got to me. On Monday evening … Continue reading Education is the key…

Why Early Years?

My career and vocation in life is teaching. Within the world of teaching, my passion is working with early years - the period from birth to around age 8. I have often had colleagues, some of them long-term, highly experienced teachers, say 'Why?' and 'Don't you want to work with the older age-range?'. My answer? … Continue reading Why Early Years?

On attachment, teaching and connections…

This post has been viewed more than 850 times and is by far and away the most viewed on my tiny little corner of the internet. In the post, I talk about attachment and the importance of connection following listening to Dr Suzanne Zeedyk present on the subject. Since posting it last May, my interest and … Continue reading On attachment, teaching and connections…

Behind the Words of a Child

As the children were coming into class this morning, one of the little girls came dashing up to me, desperate to tell me the latest event in her life. Today's event was that she had a new Princess dress and she liked to twirl in it. In swift succession, three more children came to tell … Continue reading Behind the Words of a Child

It’s Everyone’s Job To Make Sure I’m Alright

Over the past few weeks, the UK news has been dominated by the story of a four-year-old boy, Hamzah Khan, who died of starvation and horrific neglect at the hands of the person who gave birth to him. The boy's mother was found guilty of manslaughter and has been jailed for 15 years. Just a … Continue reading It’s Everyone’s Job To Make Sure I’m Alright