Running on Empty

Attention: Wordy Post Ahead..... Two of my Thirty Before 30 involve running. Running is something I've fairly recently taken up and no one was more surprised that I to find that I actually enjoy it. While I'm never going to be a competitive runner, nor am I going to be ready for a marathon quite … Continue reading Running on Empty

30 Before 30: Misadventures in Crochet

For part of the month of January I have been confined to bed-rest after an operation to repair my perforated eardrum. As bored as I have been, I have been able to use the time to achieve one of my 30 before 30., specifically #12 - Learn a new craft. Just after Christmas I asked … Continue reading 30 Before 30: Misadventures in Crochet

30 Before 30: A Challenge

2013 has dawned on us all too suddenly and I now find myself in the year I turn 30. Having always been up for a challenge, I thought there would be no challenge better than to give myself the '30 before 30' challenge. The thoughts and feelings that come with hitting a certain number of … Continue reading 30 Before 30: A Challenge