Travel Tales: Ama La Vida

For the last three weeks, I have had the pleasure of travelling around the beautiful South American country of Ecuador.¬†Ecuador is a diverse little part of the world with so much to offer. From the beautiful, lush green of the Amazon rainforest to the volcanic landscape of the Andes, the dramatic landscape as you travel … Continue reading Travel Tales: Ama La Vida

On flaws, beauty and vulnerability {International Women’s Day 2014}

I recently turned thirty. The age of thirty often has an ominous sound to it. For whatever reason, society has turned the age of thirty into a turning point in a woman's life. Suddenly the fun and carefree twenties are over and we are now past our prime. And yet, why is it that I … Continue reading On flaws, beauty and vulnerability {International Women’s Day 2014}

Running on Empty

Attention: Wordy Post Ahead..... Two of my Thirty Before 30 involve running. Running is something I've fairly recently taken up and no one was more surprised that I to find that I actually enjoy it. While I'm never going to be a competitive runner, nor am I going to be ready for a marathon quite … Continue reading Running on Empty