Live Below The Line: Preparations

I begin my 12 days below the line tomorrow, and the time had finally come to go shopping and see how much food I could manage to buy. I decided to split my shopping into two sections of 6 days - meaning I'll go shopping next weekend for days 7-12. So off I trekked to … Continue reading Live Below The Line: Preparations

12 Days. 12 Reasons.

Without a doubt, one of the main questions that I get asked when I talk about taking part in Live Below The Line is 'Why?'. My Live Below The Line will last from Monday 30th April until Friday 11th May: 12 days. So I'm going to give you one reason for every day I will … Continue reading 12 Days. 12 Reasons.

One Month To Go

Think of the last time you were hungry. Now multiply it by days, weeks, months. As Ghandi said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence” . It's just over a month before I begin my Live Below The Line challenge and I have been met with various looks of incredulity, confusion, and some have looked at … Continue reading One Month To Go