New Year: Reflections and Wishes 

I love New Year. I love the opportunity to mark the passing of time, to reflect on what has come to pass over the year, to close the door to what you need to, to open your heart to what is to come. 2015 held many changes and lessons for me. It's been a year … Continue reading New Year: Reflections and Wishes 

2014 – a blank slate

2013 has slinked off quietly into the past and we have stepped swiftly into 2014. New year always brings people into a time of reflecting, reminiscing and resolving. We look back at where the past 12 months have taken us; the highs and the lows of 365 days in our lives, the people we have … Continue reading 2014 – a blank slate

30 Before 30: A Challenge

2013 has dawned on us all too suddenly and I now find myself in the year I turn 30. Having always been up for a challenge, I thought there would be no challenge better than to give myself the '30 before 30' challenge. The thoughts and feelings that come with hitting a certain number of … Continue reading 30 Before 30: A Challenge