Who is AGirlCalledLynsey?

10 Random Things About Lynsey


1. Lynsey is happily in her third decade of fun.

2. She spends her weekdays educating the next generation as a teacher specialising in Early Years Education.

3. She is a former eternal optimist  and describes herself as a cynic with a hopeful heart.

4. She is a fairtrade-chocaholic. A novice writer. Two thirds water. One third insanity. Needs 3.6 hugs every day to survive.

5. Lynsey is originally from the West of Scotland with a dash of Irish roots.

6. She loves to travel and live in places all over the world – she is currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam after spending 4 amazing years in Tanzania.

7. Lynsey is passionate about education, action, connection and helping to build a fair and equal society for future generations.

8. Lynsey is continuously ticking off items from her ‘Bucket List’ and has many an adventure to tell of.

9. Lynsey’s greatest fears are knives, balaclavas, and cliffs.

10. Lynsey greatest loves are travelling and exploring the world, befriending creatures,  vintage clothing and antique stores, singing and making music, and whisky (of course) .

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